Kennards Hire  has developed a new fleet of large pumps, capable of meeting most requirements of contractors, councils and other government bodies.  

A network of designated “pump branches” covering NSW and ACT, Brisbane and Far North Queensland, Victoria and South Australia will offer a range of eight inch (200mm), six inch (150mm) and four inch (100mm) pumps.  

Pump models may vary between outlets, but specific pumps can be moved quickly between locations to meet customer requirements. Pumps can be delivered to any site, anywhere, and an after-hours service is available.  

The latest additions to the Kennards large pump fleet are skid-mounted, eight inch (200mm) silenced pumps, with the ability to pump at 220 litres per seconds, with a head of 64 metres. Skid-mounted silenced pumps are extremely quiet – 62dBA at seven metres – and comply with prescribed noise regulations.    

An extra high-head, eight inch (200mm) pump is also available, which is particularly suited for the mining industry. It has a maximum head of 185 metres and pumping rate of up to 150 litres per second.  

For greater speed and flexibility, trailer-mounted six inch (150mm) pumps are available, which can move up to 132 litres per second. Trailer-mounted pumps have a strong, robust, yet lightweight design and feature all controls situated inside the lockable module, allowing for the user to “set and run”, eliminating the need for after-hour surveillance.  

Trailer-mounted pumps handle solids of up to 77mm, have a maximum head of 29 metres, can be collected by the hirer to reduce delivery costs.    

Other pumps available from Kennards include skid-mounted, six inch (150mm) pumps, trailer-mounted four inch (100mm) pumps, trash pumps, flexible drive pumps and three inch submersible pumps.