Vanglobe, manufacturers of resin powder for use in products such as water tanks and play equipment, has used misting fans from Kennards Hire at their Brisbane headquarters. The misting fans helped to improve worker comfort during recent hot weather conditions.

Steve Lord, Supply Chain Manager, said two misting fans from Kennards’ Rocklea hire centre performed so well last summer that an extra two misting fans were being hired this year. “We have a lot of machinery that gets hot, and the mist and cool breeze is a real help for the operators,” he said.

The electric-powered misting systems work by converting water from an inbuilt tank into a fine mist which extends about three metres, with cool air projected further. The oscillation, speed, and the amount of mist distributed by the misting fans is fully adjustable.

The misting fans also prove popular for outdoor eating, entertainment and sports venues.

To meet expected demand during a predicted hot summer, Kennards Hire has also boosted stocks of portable air conditioners.

Kennards Hire has added 80 more 4.9kW units to its air conditioner range and their ease of set-up and effectiveness makes them ideal for factories, shops and offices.

Kennards Hire also have available 10kW and 20kW portable air conditioners for larger areas, small portable air conditioners for offices and homes, large and small evaporative coolers, pedestal fans and new misting fans.