Hundreds of water blasters from Kennards Hire were transported from its hire centres around Australia for the huge clean-up following the Queensland floods.  

The receding flood waters from the Brisbane River left behind a thick layer of mud covering numerous properties.    

Concrete care and repair firm, Total Projects hired a 4000psi water blaster to supplement its own equipment while cleaning up and rebuilding the basement and car park of the Performing Arts Centre at South Bank.  

According to Pat Bermingham who operates the company, water was 600mm deep in the car park and though it went out through the stormwater system, it left behind a massive amount of mud.  

Total Projects used a fire hose for volume washing followed by the water blasters to remove all the silt to provide a safe working environment before beginning the demolition and rebuilding work.  

Speaking on the power of the Kennards’ machine, Pat says they were able to use it with 100 metres of pressure hose, which gave them more flexibility in working in the car park below while leaving the water blaster above.  

Another 4000psi water blaster was hired for the clean-up at Fruit Link’s warehouse in the Brisbane Produce Market at Rocklea, where the water level rose 3.3 metres.  

The secondary wholesaler owned by Doug Rylance and Adam Dilworth, supplies independent supermarkets all over Queensland.  

Fruit Link’s Rod Sciven says that the market had six inches of slush. A team of 40 people was involved in the clean-up work that included pressure washing the warehouse three times.  

Kennards’ range of water blasters includes 4000psi and 2000psi petrol-powered models, 1200psi electric water blasters and 1500psi hot water units.