Kennards Hire  supplies the Bertolini new electric hot water blaster that can quickly remove oil, grease, food products and similar substances in industrial, commercial, construction and domestic settings.

The new Bertolini electric hot water blaster is a single phase machine that is easy to use, extremely strong and designed for continuous operation. Hot water is blasted out of the Bertolini electric hot water blaster at up to 140 degrees, at 1500psi pressure and a flow of 11 litres per minute.

The Bertolini electric hot water blaster has stainless steel valves, an exclusive double seal system and solid ceramic pistons for long life and durability. Steam is generated through a diesel-fired boiler with stainless steel AISI 304 fire box and chimney.

The machine and the operator of the Bertolini electric hot water blaster are protected by a safety system that includes a thermal dump valve and inbuilt safety valve to protect against pressure spikes. The pump and motor run at a slow speed of 1450 rpm.

Kennards Hire operates more than 90 hire centres across Australia, and also supplies electric and petrol-powered cold water blasters.