Kennards Hire announces a new specialist business to cater to customers requiring certified, highly accurate measuring, testing and inspecting equipment.

Kennards Hire Test & Measure will carry the highly accurate NATA calibrated hydrostatic testing equipment to ensure all the machinery and equipment available for hire meet stringent compliance requirements.

Testing equipment is used extensively throughout a wide reach of industries that includes mining, electrical, oil, gas and civil construction. Kennards Hire’s new specialist business allows clients to access specialised testing equipment on demand, rather than investing large capital outlay to acquire equipment that may only be used a few times a year.

Established in December 2013, Kennards Hire Test & Measure offers hydrostatic test pumps, anchor testers and non-invasive smoke machines as well as an extensive array of handheld devices.

A gold mine in the regional hub of Dubbo, NSW was one of the first projects to utilise the new equipment. A NATA certified gauge on the hydrostatic test pump and kit required by the construction supervisor at the mine was supplied by Kennards Hire Dubbo along with a calibration certificate.

The hydrostatic test pump and kit features a heavy-duty frame, hydraulic quick-disconnect brass swivel fitting, an inline strainer, and a silicone filled test gauge with stainless steel case. The equipment was connected to the pipeline and used to test and confirm that the specified pressure was achieved as well as check for leaks around flanges and joints.