Kennards Hire is supplying an extensive range of specialist equipment designed to help with the rollout of the national NBN network. The equipment will meet the varying needs of NBN and telecommunications installation and maintenance crews.

Equipment hire from Kennards Hire helps the NBN and telecommunications contractors eliminate the expense associated with purchasing, maintaining and storing the equipment, delivering both cost and convenience benefits.

Kennards Hire ensures its equipment is ready for use and worksite compliant through significant testing and regular maintenance checks, saving crews valuable time and effort. The range includes equipment for non-destructive digging, excavation and trenching, cable hauling, concrete cutting as well as general on-site machinery.

All Kennards Hire equipment is fitted with QR Code technology, allowing customers to check service and maintenance history, product information, instructional guides and a host of other features. Kennards Hire’s full-service approach includes 24/7 support and solutions throughout the course of the NBN rollout.