Kennards Hire Rail provided a complete equipment solution to John Holland Country Regional Network, a division of leading construction company John Holland Group for the recent Wellington Railway Bridge Upgrade in Wellington, NSW.

Trini Cifrian, Project Engineer Civil and Structures at John Holland Country Regional Network, explained that the scope of works included replacing the 4.5-metre rivet steel H-beam cross girders and 12-metre long stringers running parallel to the track under the 180-metre long bridge.

The project was required to be executed within specific compliance requirements including lighting and minimal noise emission from generators to avoid disturbance to residents in the neighbourhood. Cifrian said Kennards Hire was able to accommodate all their needs.

According to Matt Martin from Kennards Hire Dubbo, the 24-hour worksite presented a major challenge in eliminating shadow spots created by lights. Kennards Hire arranged a demonstration of the luminescence of their new link lights in the working areas above and below the bridge. John Holland was very impressed after seeing them in operation, and 90 link lights were supplied for the project.

Specifically designed for rail works and similar in size to a street light, link lights are only 110v, improving safety, and highly efficient with a 4kVA generator capable of powering 280 metres of lighting. Each light is connected by a lead to the next eight, 10 or 14 metres apart.

Kennards Hire Rail also supplied 13 lighting towers, new solar powered lighting towers and seven area soft lights. Sundry equipment was also supplied to the site to establish two compounds, one on either side of the bridge.