Kennards Hire  has introduced a new model, self-propelled, tracked cherry picker for use on soft or uneven surfaces.

The cherry picker which has good traction and gradeability, can also climb steps and inclines up to 30 degrees.

Being self-propelled, it can be driven into confined areas.

The Kennards machine has a platform height of 10.20 metres, working height of 12.20 metres and can carry 200kg. With outriggers extended, it is 6.10 metres wide, but compacts to a width of just 1.10 metres.

Invisible glass hired one of units from Kennards to reach the 8 metre high, floor to ceiling windows of Café Birkenhead, an up-market restaurant on the water’s edge at Drummoyne.

“The ground was unstable, with a covering of landscaping pebbles,” said Reinhard Wollner, who operates the facade cleaning firm. “It would have been impossible to use a trailer-mounted cherry picker in here.”

Window cleaner Russell Smillie said it was a lot more stable than other machines he had used. “It’s very simple to handle,” he added.

Adelaide sign designer and manufacturer, Regal Display, used one of the machines in a semi-creek bed, which was muddy after a lot of rain.

Luke Hanton, who operated it, said it was “awesome”. “It blitzed it,” he added.