Kennards Hire  has expanded its range of heavy duty submersible pumps for construction, tunnelling, mining and other industrial applications.  

The company has introduced 4-inch (100mm) Master H and 3-inch (75mm) Sandy N models manufactured by Grindex.  

Sandy N submersible pumps can achieve a maximum head of 25m and maximum flow of 16 litres per second while Master H submersible pumps can achieve maximum head of 58m and maximum flow of 30 litres per second.  

Also available are 3-inch (75mm) Minette and Salvador submersible models.  

The Minette unit has a maximum 20m head and pumps up to 15 litres per second while the Salvador pump has a maximum 14m head and maximum capacity of 13 litres per second.  

All submersible pumps can handle abrasive solids and will operate continuously even when unattended.  

The Salvador range is ideal for sludge or mud with high solids content and can deal comfortably with particle sizes up to the diameter of the pump inlet opening. They also work well with light slurry.  

Two 3-inch (75mm) submersible pumps proved very effective on an unusual dewatering job during the construction of a luxury home on the edge of Sydney Harbour.  

Although the excavation to a depth of five metres had grout injection water protection, some seawater still seeped in on a rising tide.  

It was pumped up into a three-stage filtration system set up on ground level and then into a home swimming pool. After settling, the water was then discharged into the stormwater system.  

Kennards Hire has a network of ‘pump branches’ that offer specialised services in this field and also function as general hire centres.