Paint stripping options have increased with the introduction of a revolutionary, new infrared burner, which is particularly good for removing lead paint.

This 240V-powered stripper is on trial at about 20 branches across the Kennards network.

Kennards’ Rocklea branch in Queensland, which is leading the trial, says most feedback has been very good.

The Swedish-developed heater uses infrared heat, a low temperature deep heat that penetrates the wood, and draws the moisture and resins in the wood to the surface.

It is silent, very quick and uses no environmentally hazardous chemicals. It can be used on both paint and varnish, and either indoors or outdoors.

Heat is applied for 20-40 seconds indoors, and 30-90 seconds outdoors. The paint or varnish bubbles up, and is removed with a special scraper.

Because of the low operating temperature, infrared heat does not burn the wood. It is safer for use on lead paint as no plumbic (lead) gases are released at this low temperature.

The unit is 370mm long, 170mm wide, 160mm high, and weighs 1.9kg. It heats an area 310mm long and 125mm wide.

It can be used around windows, where the stripper is tilted at an angle, and the glass protected by a Masonite strip covered in aluminium foil.

Kennards also has electric, hot air paint strippers, as well as an LPG-powered model.