A 3000-litre diesel self-bunded fuel cube hired from Kennards Hire by a construction company was used to operate a 100kVA generator 24/7 for a week at a time before refuelling was required.  

Haslin Constructions hired the generator and fuel cube from Kennards Hire Pump & Power for use at the University of Sydney’s Camden campus, where the company completed a new alternative power building.  

The alternative power project involved the installation of five gas-powered generators that would eventually meet a major part of the power requirement on the campus occupied by the Faculty of Veterinary Science and the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources.  

Haslin Constructions site manager Guy Mathieson said the generator allowed a new controlled environmental facility to be commissioned before the alternative power system was completed.  

The fuel cube saved them a lot of time since it needed to be refuelled only once a week at the most.   Kennards Hire is introducing the 3000-litre fuel cubes progressively across their network of hire centres in all mainland states.  

Key features of Kennards Hire 3000-litre fuel cells:  

  • Fabricated from high grade mild steel, with all seams robot welded to high standard
  • Outer tank provides an extra safeguard in the unlikely event of an inner tank leak
  • Pump, connections and hoses are housed and can be locked within the bund even during use
  • Weighs 1150kg, and measures 1.2m H x 2.5m L x 1.6m W
Kennards Hire Pump & Power operates hire centres in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, offering a wide range of big pumps and generators, including 200kVA units.