The high-tip tracked dumpers, available from Kennards Hire , are the ideal earthmovers for tight sites.

Just 685mm wide, the high-tip tracked dumpers can carry 500kg and tip to a height of 1450mm – into a skip or standard, two-tonne tip truck. CP Exteriors is among contractors who have taken a shine to the little machines.

“Being both builders and landscapers, we use them all the time,” said landscaping foreman, Scott Burdon.

“Once, we would have used wheelbarrows or conveyors for places where these little dumpers now fit.”

While building and landscaping a new house at North Narrabeen in Sydney, CP Exteriors used one of the dumpers to remove 20 tonne of excavated material and to move 80 tonne of drainage fill and 40 tonne of topsoil around the site.

“On a previous job, we dug out 80 tonne for a pool and another 60 tonne for a paved area and took it all down a narrow side passage to bins,” Scott Burdon said. “We have also removed concrete, and that went well, too.”

The high-tip dumpers are available across the Kennards Hire’s network of more than 90 branches, with low-tip models and some articulated, ride-on dumpers also available.