Equipment hire company Kennards Hire recently introduced an electric, dry-cut demolition saw, enabling concrete and brickwork to be cut indoors without the usual dust and mess.

The demolition saw attaches directly to a matching vacuum unit which removes dust at its source and ensures a virtually dust free environment. Unlike wet-cut saws, which are normally used to minimise dust, there is no residual water to worry about.

The demolition saw can also be used just as effectively outdoors, with the absence of dust being beneficial to the health of workers while also boosting productivity.

Driven by a powerful 2.6kW motor, it cuts to a depth of 120mm and can be used on numerous materials from reinforced concrete, granite curbstone, slabs and bricks to metal beams and pipes. An intelligent electronic control system regulates motor power to suit the material being cut and the pressure applied to the tool.

Crafted with safety in mind, the demolition saw should be held away from the operator’s body, offering protection from debris. This design also means it is less tiring to use because the operator’s body weight is used to help guide and control the tool.

Building contractor, Craig Poppleton, who hired one of the Kennards’ saws to cut a double brick wall inside a luxury home, said it was “the only tool that would have done the job for me”.

“Any dust would have been a complete disaster,” said Craig, who operates Barrenjoey Constructions.

“Without this saw, I would have had to spend hours covering everything with plastic and taping up doors.

“It’s a great tool, and there is no dust if you go carefully and take your time.”