Kennards Hire  have doubled the number of large portable air conditioners they have available to meet temporary needs in warehouses, factories and workshops.

Kennards Hire have purchased another ten 10kW units and a further five 20kW units, all of which have been modified, with larger fans, for Australian conditions.

Also available are 4.9kW air conditioners, which can plug into a standard power point and are ideal for offices and shops.

Hiring a 10kW portable air conditioner from Kennards Hire Clayton was the cost effective option for a Melbourne company, which stores and distributes pharmaceutical products.

“One of our clients has a product that needs to be kept at a temperature below 25 degrees Celsius,” explained Debra Stearnes, Director of First Class Consulting.

“After looking at all options, including installing a permanent air conditioning system, we found the best and most cost effective option was the portable unit, which we can return when the warmer months have passed.

“We searched the Internet, factored in details such as the size of our warehouse and temperature data, and the Kennards unit stacked up.”

Kennards Hire’s 10kW units and 20kW units, for both cooling and heating, can either be set up inside a building or positioned externally and ducted up to 20 metres.

4.9kW units are large, portable air conditioners, which can run off 240V. These portable air conditioners are suitable for shops, restaurants, hotels and other commercial areas.