KOMBI stair and platform systems, preassembled at the installer’s factory, were installed at a busy avocado farm in Cairns, QLD.

North Queensland’s Cairns region has a diverse agricultural sector with avocados being one of the major crops produced in the area.

The farm’s plant needed a system that would allow access to a loft area above the machinery. The access system needed to fit snugly in a small alcove. The installation also had to be completed quickly to minimise machinery downtime, which would otherwise impact the farm’s strict production schedule.

Following the assembly of the stair and platform systems at the installer, High Point Safety & Lifting’s factory, the KOMBI system was then transported to the site where the installation was carried out with minor adjustments in a matter of hours.

With only minor disruption caused to valuable production time, the farm owners were extremely impressed with the speed and ease of installation.