Kaolin Tiles has achieved Level-A GreenRate certification from Global GreenTag across their range of 750+ products.

Hereon, all our products are Level-A GreenRate certified and can be used for assessment by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA). It is the most comprehensive green certificate in the porcelain tiles industry – by choosing our products you should get the maximum score with GreenStar rating. 

At Kaolin, we take our involvement and contribution to sustainable construction further – to the whole value chain, beginning with engaging the right raw material suppliers and ending with the recycling of our products.

Directors Rita and Anton Bourtsev comment:

“Even though we were both raised in very different cultures, both sets of grandparents have very similar ideals that have been handed down to us – their sustainable living mindset – which they had long before sustainability became a trendy buzzword over the past decade. It is embedded in everything they do in their ecosystem farms. Rain meant Anton’s grandpa could collect rainwater for their household in big buckets and after the rain. Sun meant a Cantonese grandma could harvest a large cabbage from her garden and use it to make 10 delicious dishes, ensuring every single part of that plant was utilised.

“We have followed this mindset when raising our two beautiful sons, cherishing everything that nature has given us. Luckily we live in Sydney where nature is at our doorstep, our favourite activity being bushwalking and splashing in the water along the beach on a scavenger hunt mission. We would lower our heads to our sons’ height and try to see things from their angle. Our observations showed that no leaves on a single tree or sea shells are identical. As we walked we listened to the howling sound of the wind and how it changed from the bush to the beach, and noticed the sounds of the waves and the smell of the salty seawater. We tasted the ziggy berries, smelt the sweet Osmanthus flowers and found seaweed that the boys thought looked like a monster.

“How wonderful is that feeling of being soothed by nature, using all our senses to enjoy it? We love nature as much as you all do, and in our hearts we wish future generations are able to see and experience this beautiful earth as we do now. Our promise is to find balance by preserving the present without compromising the world for future generations.

“We are very proud of what we have achieved with Kaolin, providing a broad range of choices that are affordable, therefore making green material accessible to those who have the same vision as us. We would be thrilled to see more and more buildings using green material not only because it ticks all the boxes, but it’s how we believe it should be. These buildings could last for hundreds of years, this is the environment we leave behind for all future generations.

“Let’s do it together!”

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