Kaolin Tiles is hosting a series of events from 25th November to 16th December 2022 at their showroom in Alexandria, Sydney.

As part of the Kaolin Design Month, we are delighted to be holding 4 Fridays of Fun! Please join us for our informative industry talks, or come and enjoy a cocktail with us at our Bar Sodalite on any Friday from 4:30 pm, from 25th November to 16th December. We'd love to see you.

Event: Free CPD Day | 2nd December | 9.30am-4.30pm

As the year winds down and comes to an end, we hope you can find the time to join us for either a full day or selected talks, all taking place in person in our showroom. Come and make a day of it!  It includes coffee and pastries, lunch, and then cocktails at Bar Sodalite.

Earn up to 5 CPD Points

  • Passive House Design: 7-star Energy Rating – The new minimum | 1 Formal CPD Point
  • A future that thrives – the role of the Architect & Designer | 1 Formal CPD Point
  • NCC changes to energy efficiency and condensation mitigation requirements | 1 Formal CPD Point
  • The latest development in the production process of porcelain and its impact on quality and sustainability | 2 Formal CPD Points


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