The ecoglo data sheets from Just Mats includes products such as C4 Series Carpet Nosing, E20 Series Strip, C5 Series Carpet Nosing, E40 Series Contrast Strip, F4 Series Flat Nosing, E30 Series Contrast Strip, F7 Series With E30 Series Insert, F6 Series Flat Nosing, F5101 Flat Nosing, F7 Series With N Series Insert, F7 Series With E40 Series Insert. The Ecoglo data sheet in addition offers G3 Series Non-slip Strip, G6 Series Non-slip Strip, G4 Series Non-slip Strip, G6001 Guidance Strip, L6001 Side Edge Marker, Seat Numbers and so on.

The C4 Series Carpet Nosing offered by Just Mats under the category of Ecoglo data sheet is a right angled aluminium step nosing used for fitting to the edge of carpeted steps in exit ways, public stairways, and in all other applications where path finding in darkness is a major issue. This allows changing of carpets without removing the nosing. The E20 Series Strip is designed in such a way for installation onto flat steps as well as on corridors. These lights are designed in such a way that they are visible for long hours after the light goes out. The G6 Series Non-slip Strip from Just Mats offers an extra non-slip surface that supplements non-slip properties in terms of steps.