Ecoglo’s C5 series of photoluminescent carpet stair treads, available from Just Mats , have been incorporated into the Masterplan developed by Tanner Architects for SCEGGS’ Joan Freeman Science and Technology Centre’s 254 seat tiered lecture theatre.

The system design and product performance of the Ecoglo carpet stair treads will reduce the risks of slips and falls as well as improve accessibility for patrons with impaired vision. Using advanced photoluminescent and anti-slip technology, Ecoglo stair treads help people safely negotiate steps and paths in all light environments.

The C5 series features a unique rounded edge aluminium nosing designed to be installed on rounded or bevelled carpeted stairs. The glow in the dark strip is visible for many hours after the lights go out, having been charged from sunlight or artificial light.

The patented Ecoglo process that incorporates photoluminescent pigments ensures greater longevity of glow than other pigments, providing superior luminance contrast for long periods of time.

Ecoglo’s C5 series of carpet stair treads do not require electricity and are non toxic and non radioactive, complementing SCEGGS’ commitment to sustainability. The school buildings already incorporate a number of environmental initiatives, including natural ventilation and daylighting, use of thermal mass and night-time purging, rainwater collection and reuse, as well as energy water efficient fittings.