The new 14,000 seat Western Grandstand at Adelaide Oval commissioned Ecoglo from Just Mats to provide a best practice photoluminescent solution incorporating stair nosings, aisle markers and emergency exit signage.

The F8171 stair nosing was chosen, a 75mm bull nose, highly visible stair nosing with a 51mm insert consisting of 35.5mm of hard wearing anti slip material and 15.5mm of photoluminescent material. Ecoglo stair nosings are a high performance, highly durable photoluminescent product for fast, orderly and safe movement of patrons in both emergency and non emergency situations.

Stair nosings and aisle markers at Adelaide Oval will help to reduce the everyday slips and falls as they will provide a better step edge contrast. This will help to increase safety and security for patrons with failsafe emergency lighting, while providing aisle lighting and wayfinding for low light or dark events and the visually impaired.

Photoluminescent systems can provide step edge contrast that overcomes poor visibility and glare and ensures good contrast in light, dark and dim conditions.

It has become of paramount importance to increase safety and security preparedness with failsafe emergency lighting, provide better step edge identification and aisle lighting and way finding for low light or dark events. Ecoglo photoluminescent stair nosings and aisle markers have an international reputation for aiding egress and preventing falls in small and large constructions.

The Western Grandstand now provides a four pronged solution to pathfinding needs catering for step edge contrast, slip-resistance, visibility in all light conditions and resistance to wear. Ecoglo photoluminescent markers make sure that accessing seats is both easy and safe and signage aids in the ease of patron movement around the facility.