Just Digital Signage provided a complete digital signage solution running on cloud software to a high-end boutique centre in Melbourne.

Collins234 Boutique Place is home to some of Melbourne’s finest fashion, beauty and speciality retailers. The centre’s marketing manager sought a smart solution to promote the shopping destination and increase visibility for their retail tenants.

Digital signage was identified as a suitable solution since multiple messages could be scheduled for display on specific days at specific times to complement promotional activities organised by the boutique centre and its retail tenants.

Just Digital Signage installed three large high brightness LCD panels at the entrance to the centre to attract potential visitors. While two were installed on the busy Collins Street, one was positioned at the rear entrance on Howey Place.

Additionally, two screens are located in the main traffic area within the centre with touchscreen capabilities on one of the LCD panels being used as the centre’s directory wayfinder. JDS’ digital signage systems at Collins234 Boutique Place are controlled using DC Media Cloud software, which allows users to access the systems from any computer connected to the internet.