Digital menu boards from Just Digital Signage are increasingly being adopted in cafes and restaurants, replacing traditional display methods.

Digital technology is being used in the hospitality segment instead of traditional marketing methods to take advantage of the sheer power of digital marketing.

Digital menu boards deliver several benefits to the café or restaurant as effective communication, information and marketing tools.

Key capabilities of digital menu boards:

  • Time-sensitive information such as daily specials can be updated quickly
  • Day parting function allows menus to be changed for the time of day, clearly demarcating breakfast, lunch and dinner menus
  • Customers can be encouraged to buy higher-end menu items by up selling with ‘special meal deals’
  • Software allows easy changing of current pricing, or adding, removing and changing menu items at any time
  • Compelling graphics and marketing messages can be created to draw in new customers and reinforce brand or store loyalty for existing customers
  • Static messages can be replaced with multiple dynamic advertisements to promote a wider range of menu items or specials
  • Saves cost by reducing printing costs