Waterfall by Crown Group is a new luxury residential development in Waterloo, NSW, designed to set a new standard in urban living.

Completed in 2020, the project is centred on biophilic design, providing a unique opportunity for buyers to live close to the city in a nature-inspired haven.

Upon entering the central courtyard, a striking waterfall surrounded by lush rainforest plants provides an instant connection to nature. The sound of the flowing water and the array of rainforest plants across the building façade evoke a feeling of being immersed in a tropical paradise. The natural wood textures, shapes that echo nature and the tropical lagoon complement the waterfall to provide residents with a resort-style home.

A rooftop cinema and lounge space with vast city views complete the picture. The cinema screen is shrouded by a 6-metre tall green wall, providing a biophilic connection to the private rooftop space.

Junglefy was engaged by Crown Group to provide consultancy on the initial design of the waterfall green wall. Once the final design was confirmed, Junglefy’s specialised construction team created the bespoke green walls on the waterfall, the cinema and various planted areas throughout the complex.

Incorporating a green wall within a waterfall had not been done previously; therefore, early collaboration in the design development phase helped to refine the concept and bring it to life.

The final design included four large waterfalls that can be controlled independently to cater for variances in wind conditions and achieve the best outcomes for the garden.

The waterfall green wall measures 139m² and features 5,736 plants. The cinema green wall measures 90m² and features 2,617 plants.

Junglefy provides ongoing maintenance to their installations at Waterfall by Crown Group.

Types of Species:

Waterfall Green Wall: Chlorophytum variegated Phlebodium ‘Blue Star’, Pepperomia Albo variegata, Chlorophytum Green, Philodendron Imperial Green, Nematanthus glabra, Philodendron Hope, Begonia coccinea, Neomerica gracilis, Philodendron Xanadu, Viola hederacea, Nephrolepis spp., Blechnum Gibbum, Platycerium, Nephrolepis Duffii, Aeschynanthus ‘Japhrolepis’, Dianella caerulea, Schefflera aboricola, Spathiphyllum ‘Sweet Chico’, Nematanthus variegated, Plectranthus madascariensis, Phlebodium Spathiphyllum, Convolvulus maurtanicus, Schefflera aboricola, Liriope ‘Evergreen Giant’, Ficus benjamina ‘Natasja’

Cinema Green Wall: Philodendron Atom, Humata tyermanii, Viola hederacea, Chlorophytum Green, Plectranthus tomentosa, Humata tyermanii, Neomerica gracilis, Pepperomia obtusifolia, Liriope ‘Evergreen Giant’, Ficus benjamina ‘Natasja’, Plerandra elegantissima, Spathiphyllum ‘Pearl’, Chlorophytum Green, Pepperomia pellucida, Neomerica gracilis, Humata tyermanii, Pepperomia pellucida, Phlebodium ‘Blue Star’, Philodendron Rojo Congo, Ficus ‘Tineke’, Viola hederacea, Spathiphyllum ‘Pearl’, Nephrolepis ‘Macho’, Cyrtomium Falcatum, Ficus ‘Tineke’, Plectranthus ciliates

Images and supplied with permission by Crown Group. Photography credit: Ant Zikas and Taylor Brammer