The Burnley Living Roofs project at the University of Melbourne’s Burnley campus recently won the prestigious BPN Sustainability Award for landscape design.

Designed by architecture firm HASSELL, the Burnley Living Roofs project won the Landscape Design category at the Australian BPN 2015 Sustainability Awards held in Sydney for making “an important contribution to the understanding of the benefits of green roof design” according to the jury.

The judges explained that the project represented the future of urban landscaping and the successful integration of rooftop green infrastructure. They also noted that this kind of research was imperative to ensure green infrastructure moved beyond aesthetics to become vital in the efficiency and ongoing performance of buildings in reducing energy use, improving thermal comfort and avoiding the heat island effect.

An Australian first, Junglefy collaborated with HASSELL as well as the University of Melbourne to construct this research and demonstration facility.

Junglefy’s Founder and MD, Jock Gammon said they addressed the challenges of restricted working hours and the hard elements of the decking and garden beds by pre-fabricating most of the construction elements in Sydney and installing them on site in Melbourne in a modular format.