The emergency egress ladder from Jomy Safety Ladders (Aust) has many applications. These include banks, bridges, educational facilities, hospitals, hotels, private homes and shopping malls.

The emergency egress is manufactured from marine anodised aluminium and stainless steel. Each rung has been counterweighted with stainless steel springs ensuring the ladder can be easily closed whatever the height. It opens easily with a quarter turn of the handle and is operational within seconds. When open this ladder is two foot wide. It has slip resistant rungs and a 14 inch safety rail. The ladder also comes in both left and right configurations.

This emergency egress is ideal for those situations where conventional ladders are not appropriate. For example where security or space or aesthetics are an issue. When closed the ladder looks just like a down pipe. It is burglar proof as it cannot be opened without using the handle and can also be locked at ground level to prevent any unauthorised access. An optional alarm can also be fitted.

The ladder is easy to install as no through bolting or special wall blocking is necessary. It is also low maintenance and comes with a 10 year warranty.