JML International  is a manufacturer and distributor of porphyry stones which are known for their beauty and durability. Porphyry stones were used by Romans to build highways. The porphyry stones offered by JML International are used for a variety of purposes including pedestrian walkways, town squares, recreational areas, public projects and roads. A porphyry stone can resist chemicals and withstand temperature variations as it has a high compression breaking point.

Porphyry stones offered by JML International do not exhibit any slippery characteristics and are easy to maintain. Porphyry stones can be easily cleaned with soap or vinegar water.

JML International offers a wide range of porphyry stone including Cobblestones-Setts, Sawn Pavers and Random Stone-Crazy Pavers . Cobblestone is used for constructing walkways, pool decks, roads, patios and driveways. Random Stones are used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Random Stone is used for driveways, courtyards and pedestrian passages. JML International offers porphyry Stone Sawn Pavers with diamond sawn edges which are used for both functional and decorative purposes. Setts and pavers are available in different colours including earthy brown, subtle grey and blue.