Debuting at the Pro Light and Sound show in Frankfurt, the Vari Lite VLX Wash luminaire, available from Jand s, gives all the benefits of LED technology and visual performance characteristics of a tungsten source. The Vari Lite VLX offers good colours and intensity, multi-year source life and high reliability. This luminaire has low energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Seven, proprietary, 90W CBM380 RGBW LED chipsets provide output that offers three times the efficacy of comparable tungsten sources. The total system provides greater than 10,000 lumens of output and 50,000 hour source life. Seventy percent lumen intensity maintenance over that time guarantees that the Vari Lite VLX remains powerful and bright for a long time. With the help of internal beam homogenisation system, (patents pending) colour mixing is smooth, natural, and free of ’colour shadowing’ effects associated with other LED fixtures.

Additionally, the Vari Lite VLX offers a CRI of 93, a continuously adjustable colour temperature white range between 3000° and 6500° Kelvin, and seamless colour mixing that all combine to create a source that behaves like familiar and effective tungsten luminaires without the associated costs and inefficiencies inherent in those systems.

Zoom control is achieved by the use of a patented lens system that offers 3:1 range from 22° to 60°. Should a tighter beam be desired, the entire zoom system can be easily removed from the luminaire.

Accessory mounting points are included allowing the attachment of additional, aftermarket beam control devices. All movements are smooth, silent, and accurate under the control of the Vari Lite three phase motor system with a full 540° of pan and 270° of tilt control.

The luminaire offers five-pin DMX in and thru connectors, Ethernet input, and a backlit menu panel for easy installation and operation. Control is achieved through a variety of DMX consoles and output devices. Large, rugged handles ensure easy installation, and subdued style and understated lines allow for seamless integration into any lighting rig or stage setting. Pan and tilt transport/service locks and low fixture weight make moving the Vari Lite VLX simple and efficient.

Following are the programmable functions of the Vari Lite VLX wash luminaire:

  • Intensity control: Smooth, high resolution dimming control of R,G,B, and W LEDs.
  • Colour mixing system: Seven x 90W RGBW CBM380 LED chipsets; each chipset contains high density red, green, blue, and white LED emitters.
  • Zoom optics: Patented, 3:1 optical system with continuously variable field angle from approximately 22° to 60°. (Zoom module is easily removable for fixed field angle of 20°).
  • Strobe: High speed with multiple strobe effects.
  • Pan and tilt: Smooth, time-controlled continuous motion by way of a pair of three-phase stepper motor systems.
  • Range: Pan - 540°, Tilt - 270°.
  • Accuracy: 0.3° resolution.

Description of the Vari Lite VLX wash luminaire:

  • Source: Seven x 90W CBM380 RGBW chipsets.
  • Colour temperature. White: Variable between 3000 and 6500° Kelvin.
  • CRI: 93
  • Manufacturer rated life: In excess of 50,000 hours. (L10 – 70%)
  • Output: Exceeds 10,000 lumens.
  • Power requirements: Standard AC power distribution from 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60Hz; the unit requires up to 10A depending (on the AC supply voltage).
  • Operational temperature: -20° to 122°F (-29° to 50°C)
  • Cooling: Variable forced air cooling.
  • DMX control: Completely compatible with a wide variety of DMX512 lighting control consoles. 20+ channels depending on mode selected; 5-pin in and thru DMX; Ethernet port.
  • Mounting position: May be mounted and operated in any orientation.
  • Spacing: Hangs on 19 inch (48.3cm) centres.
  • Weight: 62lbs. (28kg) with included pair of hanging rails.