The musical Mamma Mia! has been seen by over 40 million people in more than 190 cities across North America, Australia, Europe and Asia. The International Tour is in its fifth year of touring and is now travelling throughout Australia.

Lighting Designer Howard Harrison and Associate Lighting Designer Richard Pacholski have chosen a lighting rig with VARI-LITEs and ETC Source 4 fixtures.

Ten years ago the original lighting design featured VARI-LITEs but the models have since changed to suit the updated technology used.

The Australian rig has 25 VL500s (12 of which are white), 22 VL2500 Spotlights, and 20 VL2500 Washes (12 of which are white).

According to Pacholski, the VARI-LITE lighting used on Mamma Mia stage show is reliable, and has a smooth and accurate operation. The VL2500 Spots have great speed and agility, and move well and fast. The spots are still bright enough to hold against the other lights.

A total of 69 ETC Source 4 profiles and 8 Source 4 pars are also in the lighting rig.

VARI-LITEs are available from Jands .