Jands  is a major Australian distributor of professional lighting equipment in addition to stage and sound systems.  

Jands supplies ETC’s Source Four HID Zoom eX outdoor lighting system that combines the industry standard Source Four Zoom optical system with a unique, watertight housing.  

Fitted with the 12,000-hour MasterColor CDM 150w lamp, Zoom eX is rated IP65 for exterior lighting use and is ideal for gobo/pattern projection as well as tight shutter cuts on specific structures or architectural details.  

The Source Four HID Zoom eX outdoor lighting system features a rugged, die cast and extruded aluminium construction with a unique watertight exterior housing seal. The exterior housing conveniently hangs from a yoke during focus, freeing both hands for adjustment.  

Key features of Source Four HID Zoom eX outdoor lighting system

  • Precision extruded optical rails with positive lens position locking ensure precise and accurate focusing at any angle in a 15 - 30 degree range
  • Proven ETC 20-gauge stainless steel shutters in a tri-plane assembly, rotating ±25º to achieve all shutter angles
  • Slot for glass or stainless steel gobos/patterns
  • Integral watertight electronic ballast housing tilts down for easy access to the lamp facilitating convenient re-lamping
  • Rated 12,000-hour lamp life
  • 150W electronic ballast draws less than 14 Amps inrush current for less than one AC cycle (16.7mS) reducing nuisance trips on upstream breakers
  • Power factor of better than 95% and operating current draw of only 0.74A
  • Meets stringent green energy guidelines  
  • Optical system optimised for maximum photometric performance and field uniformity eliminating hotspots or black holes
  • Faceted borosilicate reflector with dichroic cold mirror coating removes greater than 90% infrared radiation and reflects greater than 95% of visible light
  • Reflector and lenses secured with anti-vibration shock mounts to reduce risk of damage during rough handling
  • Combination of low wattage source and cold mirror technology results in very low gate and beam temperatures eliminating warping or distortion of shutters and gobos
  • Shipped with a 150W Philips MasterColor 3000ºK CDM lamp, delivering a CRI of 85

Launched at the PLASA in September 2010, Source Four HID Zoom eX outdoor lighting systems are due to begin shipping in January 2011.