Shure introduces QLX-D digital wireless systems offering a streamlined solution with the latest technology for live and installed sound.

Presented for the first time at KOBA 2014, the new QLX-D digital wireless system delivers exceptional wireless performance with transparent 24-bit digital audio, and features networked control and compatibility with Shure’s intelligent rechargeable battery technology.

Ideal for live sound events and installations at corporate and government facilities, academic institutions, houses of worship, hotels, music venues, and more, QLX-D’s solid RF performance enables users to confidently cover applications with diverse requirements.

Shure’s QLX-D digital wireless system transmits accurate audio with extended, flat frequency response. The system’s automatic channel scan and IR sync make finding and assigning an open frequency quick and easy.

Erik Vaveris, Wireless Category Director at Shure explains that the system packs in a lot of sophistication and delivers incredible wireless audio performance. Its excellent spectrum efficiency allows QLX-D users to operate more channels on-air than with any other wireless system in its class. He adds that the QLX-D uses the same technology as Shure’s high end digital wireless systems in a more affordable package with a streamlined feature set.

Key features of Shure’s QLX-D digital wireless systems include all-metal construction to match demanding environments; AES-256 encryption provided as standard and can be enabled for secure wireless transmission; and intelligent lithium-ion rechargeable power options providing up to ten hours of continuous use and reporting remaining runtime in hours and minutes.

The QLX-D works with powerful networking tools, including Shure Wireless Workbench 6 control software, third-party control systems, and iOS devices for control and monitoring with the newly-introduced ShurePlus Channels mobile app.

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