PR Lighting has introduced the new ARC LED 3216 into its LED architectural lighting range.

Combining the power of 216 3W LEDs (54 Red + 54 Green + 54 Blue + 54 White) split evenly across two individually tilting heads in a high quality die cast aluminium IP67 housing, the new ARC LED 3216 is perfect for challenging outdoor lighting applications. The ARC LED 3216 comes standard with an on-board wireless DMX receiver, simplifying installation with no need to run control cables to the unit.

The ARC LED 3216 is capable of running standalone and in master and slave modes, enabling multiple units to work together without the need for external controllers. There are 16 factory pre-sets and 16 user definable memories, which can be stored on board; similar to most LED sources, a high speed (0-20 FPS) strobe effect is also available.

Key features of the ARC LED 3216 also include impressive light output of 1463 lux at 10 metres with a 32-degree spread, allowing large areas to be covered easily; optional lenses for beam angles of 26 and 57 degrees; and four leaf barn-doors for accurate beam control.

Available in Australia from Jands , the ARC LED 3216 is perfectly suited for permanent architectural lighting installations that require high power colour changing effects.