New lighting systems including four 53cm ETC Selador Vivid-R LED fixtures and an ETC Element console were installed at the newly built 250-seat performance space at Footscray Community Arts Centre.  

Australia’s leading centre for contemporary arts and community engagement, Footscray Community Arts Centre has opened a new 250-seat performance space in addition to a new gallery, computer lab and various multi-use spaces.

Darren Gee, Venue & Operations Manager says that the Selador LED light fixtures perform really well, deliver strong saturated colours and have great optics. Since the building does not have a lot of power, more LED fixtures have been placed in the roof.

The venue required a cost-effective lighting console that could run intelligent light fixtures. ETC Element’s lighting console eliminates the need to get up and down all the time to change colour. Additionally, the fixtures can deliver excellent width and depth with the use of dispersion lens.

Key features of Selador LED fixtures: 

  • Contains seven different colour LEDs instead of conventional red, green and blue LEDs to obtain the wide range of hue, saturation and brightness 
  • Eliminates the limitations of three-colour LED fixtures in terms of the range of colours obtained as well as the fixtures’ ability to render the natural colour of objects 
  • Seven-colour LED design enables a much greater range of colour as well as more natural skin tones, when projecting white light
Key features of ETC Element lighting console: 
  • Award-winning Eos control system with a simplified feature set in a standalone console 
  • Designed for modest rigs and maximum hands-on fader control 
  • Affordable and user-friendly lighting control 
  • Basic functions are easier to navigate with greater hands-on fader control 
  • Quick to program, easy to operate and reliable 
Footscray Community Arts Centre’s ETC Element lighting console and ETC Selador LED fixtures were supplied by Melbourne dealer Blue Bottle. 

Jands, a specialist supplier of professional sound, lighting and staging equipment in Australia offers ETC’s lighting solutions.