Jands announces a new range of monitor system controllers designed to enhance the workflow in music recording, post production and broadcast control rooms. Showcased at Winter NAMM 2016, the new studio monitor line-up from JBL Professional by HARMAN includes two models and a bundle providing the essential level and source selection controls needed in today’s computer-based production systems.

The new monitoring system controllers are ideal for use with JBL’s successful 3 Series studio monitors and can be used with any studio speaker system.

Nano Patch+

Featuring a compact desktop form factor, the Nano Patch+ serves as the volume control between the output of the production system and a pair of studio monitors. Key features include a balanced combo XLR/TRS and stereo mini TRS input connectors; balanced TRS and stereo mini TRS outputs; all-passive circuitry for a high-quality signal path; a large, comfortable volume control on the top panel for precise level adjustments; and a system mute switch.

M-Patch 2

The M-Patch 2 stereo controller and switch box can be placed on the desktop and is rack-mountable to provide versatile switching and dedicated level controls for two stereo input sources. Signals are routed to two sets of balanced outputs with A/B selection and selectable stereo-to-mono summing. The unit features an integrated headphone output with a dedicated level control.

Active Speaker Starter Pack

JBL’s Active Speaker Starter Pack is the ideal add-on to JBL 3 Series studio monitors, and bundles two studio monitor isolation pads with the Nano Patch+ volume controller and four 3-metre male XLR-to-TRS cables. Users can easily connect a computer audio system to a pair of powered studio monitors, providing a clean monitoring path and volume control for an efficient workflow.

According to Peter Chaikin, Recording Solutions, HARMAN Professional, JBL is dedicated to improving monitoring in all types of work spaces and production control rooms. He added that the new JBL monitor controllers provide essential functionality and a high-quality monitoring path at affordable price points.

Image: Nano Patch+ serves as the volume control between the output of the production system and a pair of studio monitors