Renowned installation artist and lighting designer Fred Pommerehn recently selected one of the Jands Vista I3 lighting control consoles (with next generation Vista v2 software) to manage the lighting for a specially commissioned work on display as part of the World Wildlife Fund's "Deutschland wird Wald Meister 2011" (Year of the Forest) campaign in Berlin, Germany.

Located on the steps of the famous Konzerthaus in Berlin’s Gendarmenmarkt square, this temporary installation featured 26 innovative tree sculptures measuring up to 6 metres in height, each carefully crafted by Fred using recycled cardboard materials, and lit for the darkness hours.

Berlin based lighting rental company, Lichtblick Bühnentechnik supplied all the technical production and also constructed the trees, project managed by Frederik Wehlmann. Fred Pommerehn has worked with Lichtblick Bühnentechnik GmbH for several years and always specifies Jands Vista to control any lighting on his projects, due to the flexibility and speed at which they allow him to achieve his aims.

“Using the Jands Vista I3 lighting control consoles allowed us to work very fast, especially running with Vista v2. It really takes the complexity out of the process, and allows you to concentrate on getting creative visual results fast,” says Fred.

Within 45 minutes, the team had a polished and refined lightshow that added the “exquisite twist of magic” that Fred had hoped for. The lightshow was run in 15 minute loops to a soundtrack throughout the evening.The trees were lit by approximately 100 fixtures in total positioned at the sides of the steps for neat low level cross lighting, as well as a row along the top for backlighting. Three fog machines were controlled by Vista I3.

Jonas Pruditsh, Lichtblick Bühnentechnik lighting programmer says he loves the new v2 software platform, in particular the new selection tools, and the powerful effects. Vista v2 was designed to give all users the ability to get the most from any technology they have available, whether dimmers, moving lights, LEDs or media.

Neil Vann from Jands Europe says; “Fred is sure that using Jands Vista makes a difference to his creative process, and ultimately the success of the lighting in his work. It is unusual for a light artist to specify a control platform, often they don't particularly mind as long as the lights are programmed to their specification, but Fred has realised that this choice can make a huge difference. It is great to see Vista v2 delivering again in yet another environment, and helping a designer get the most out of their design.”