A Stage CL lighting console from Jands has impressed Tony Jex, managing director of Oz Management Entertainment with its ability to control LED fixtures as well as conventional lights.
Tony loves the Stage CL's capacity to control LED lights in an easy, old-school way with flash buttons and faders.

According to Tony, some of the small DMX consoles almost need a calculator to work out the controls. However, the Stage CL from Jands incorporates several useful features such as the 'one channel strip per fixture', which helps change colours easily as well as fade in and out. He also likes the record feature that allows him to easily bring up a scene, hit the record button and lock away the scenes in two steps. 

The scenes can be locked away in a variety of places and then recalled quickly and easily in a number of different ways making this feature perfect to use on the fly. A snapshot (hold) function as well as preset modes for colour mixing and chasing are some of the other features.

The Mimic mode of the Stage CL console displays the digital fader position, level of luminosity and colour for each fixture, all graphically laid out on the screen in addition to elements such as individual steps of chases making editing super easy.