Jands  Production Services used their Optocore fibre optic-based audio distribution network effectively at the Sydney Telstra 500 V8 Supercars race held at Homebush.

According to Jim Straw, JPS’ General Manager, Optocore was used as a simple point-to-point audio distribution network to go long distances at the V8 race.    

Jands was able to run 600, 900 or 1000 metres of fibre on just one piece of cable to distribute eight or sixteen lines of audio.    

The Optocore fibre optic-based audio distribution network was used to distribute audio from JPS’ on-track system to broadcast and vice versa, acting basically as an interlink.    

Having used the fibre optic audio distribution network successfully at all four V8 races this year, Jands has not faced any problems with the system.    

Apart from the simplicity of the solution, Optocore has also been very efficient labour-wise, says Jim.  

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