Staging equipment from Jands is a major component of Mildura’s new $8.7 million Arts Centre.
Jands designed, manufactured and installed a 3000kg safety curtain for the new theatre including related mechanical components with the specified mechanical, structural and control features.
Boasting a 40% increase in fixed seating (450 seats), with capacity for another 100 portable seats, and a 60% larger stage, the new, much larger arts centre is expected to attract more acts to the district than the previous arts centre.

Major highlights of the new state-of-the-art facility include a 15m fly tower above the stage designed to improve management of curtains, lights, scenery and backdrops during performances.

Jands’ 3,000kg safety curtain, measuring approximately 13.6m W x 6.8m H is capable of closing the proscenium opening in under 30 seconds by gravity slide. A motor assisted lifting system via four steel wire ropes is used to raise the fire curtain. The automatic lowering of the fire curtain is triggered by a switching control system whilst the release of the fire curtain is via a UPS supported brake release system.

The fire curtain is designed so as to minimise the penetration of smoke around the perimeter of the opening of the stage when fully lowered. It is counterbalanced by a counterweight frame complete with cast iron counterweights.

Jands also supplied 16 counterweight sets together with the drapes and tracking including the main house curtain and stage masking legs and borders as well as a white cyclorama cloth.

Jands also supplied four JLX PRO pre wired 15.0m lighting bars each consisting of 4 x JLX PRO 3.53m segment lengths end to end providing 24 x 10A 240V outlets and 4 x RJ 45 Ethernet outlets. The dimmed outlets on the JLX PRO lighting are connected to the dimmer infrastructure via flexible multicore cables terminated in Socapex style connections.