Jands  recently completed a technical fit-out project for the Lend Lease Darling Quarter Theatre, a new purpose-built state-of-the-art theatre and performance space for children.
Monkey Baa Theatre Company was selected as the resident company for the new Lend Lease Darling Quarter Theatre by Lend Lease and Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (SHFA) with the venue housing the company’s office as well as facilitating rehearsals and performances.
Jands completed the technical fit-out of the theatre as a turnkey project in partnership with The PA People. Rob Mitchell of RTM International was engaged by Lend Lease as the theatre consultant.
Key components of the lighting fit-out included an ETC Ion 1000 console with radio focus remote and a remote playback unit for backup chosen for lighting control, a Pathport DMX over Ethernet distribution system, ETC Selador Vivid-R 11” LED luminaires, ETC Source Four Zooms, ETC Source Four Fresnels, Jands JLX-Lite lighting bars and Jands WMX dimmer racks.
According to Production and Operations Manager Toby Knyvett, the ETC Ion 1000 lighting console is definitely becoming the standard in Australian theatres as it offers great compatibility with existing old and new generation equipment. Featuring a traditional theatre style of operation, the console offers much greater control of moving lights and intelligent fixtures than the older generation of consoles.
The complete Pathport DMX over Ethernet distribution system has a great partnership going with the Ion system. Network redundancy is also enabled by running two Pathport VIA network switches. The console and the backup unit run into separate VIA switches so that even if one were to go down, the remaining nodes can be plugged to the remaining switch.

Lighting fixtures include twenty ETC Selador Vivid-R 11” LED luminaires that combine high-power Luxeon Rebel LEDs and high-efficiency lenses for a strong, cutting beam of light and maximum colour production. The low heat output of the Selador Series eliminates risk of overheating on the stage.

Monkey Baa also took delivery of twenty-six ETC Source Four Zooms 15-30 degrees, twelve ETC Source Four Zooms 25-50 degrees and twenty-six ETC Source Four Fresnels.

Twenty-one segments of Jands JLX-Lite lighting bars as well as six Jands WMX wall-mounted, 12-channel (2.4KVA) dimmer racks specifically designed for contracting and theatre applications were installed.
Jands also supplied staging elements such as a drapes package, a cyclorama and rigging points in the ceiling.
The audio fit-out comprised of a JBL VRX line array system consisting of two hangs of three VRX932LA boxes along with two VRX918SP powered subs. The system is driven by two Crown XTI 6002 power amplifiers while a Crown XTI 2002 amplifier powers the foldback of four JBL MRX512M 12” passive monitors. System processing is via BSS Audio Soundweb London BLU-100.
Toby comments that the VRX system delivers more than enough power for the 380-seat venue, which features a difficult design in terms of its width, a low flat ceiling above and big timber floor below.
Microphones include four each of Shure Beta 58 Vocal and Shure SM57 Instrument models while the FOH mixing duties are handled by a Soundcraft LX7II console. A Lexicon MX400XL reverb/effects processor adds extra impact when required.
A Jands Ezicom Master Station, a rack-mounted, single channel partyline system with four switchable zones allows the Stage Manager to separate communications to match crews and talk to them separately or all at once. Six Ezicom single channel partyline belt packs along with a couple of Clear-Com dual channel Partyline squark boxes were also supplied.

The foyer space and dressing rooms are equipped with a JBL Contractor speaker system for making announcements.
Jands is a leading Australian distributor of professional sound systems as well as lighting and staging equipment.