Leading audio, lighting and staging supplier, Jands has been appointed the distributor of Ampetronic products for Australia.

Jands Managing Director Paul Mulholland describes the Ampetronic brand as a perfect fit for Jands, underlining the company’s commitment to providing their professional AV customers with complete end-to-end product and service solutions by partnering with only the finest brands available.

He explained that Ampetronic has been a global leader in hearing loop assistive listening technology since the company’s foundation almost thirty years ago, and has also led the market in Australia since their introduction around 15 years ago.

Ampetronic Managing Director Julian Pieters says they are impressed with Jands’ professionalism and technical capability. Ampetronic plans to introduce several new products, tools and support services this year that will change the way the industry works with hearing loops. Jands has the reputation, the reach and the commitment to deliver Ampetronic’s offering to the market, with the two companies coming together to make a very positive impact on provision of hearing assistance across Australia.

He added that he was also impressed with the depth and calibre of the team at Jands, which will deliver top notch education and training, as well as the rapid design and support services expected by their customers.

Hearing loops are imperative to providing equality of access to audio services to people with hearing aids. Popular amongst people with hearing loss, hearing loops offer a dignified solution that doesn’t require an individual to wear additional receivers. The sound quality is tailored to the individual's specific hearing, which can significantly improve their overall listening experience.

According to Jands National Sales Manager Jeff Bolt, legislative requirements combined with general community awareness of assistive listening technology, has created a strong and growing market in Australia for hearing loops.

Jeff MacKenzie, head of Jands Technical Resource Team adds that Ampetronic is not only a technology leader in their field with an impressive list of technology innovations, but also shares common principles and beliefs with Jands including the importance of education and training to the success of systems. Ampetronic invests heavily in providing training for users, designers and installers of their products.