HARMAN Professional Solutions has introduced three new desktop analogue mixing surfaces streamlined to meet today’s audio workflow challenges.

The three new Soundcraft Notepad mixers, Notepad-5, Notepad-8FX and Notepad-12FX include HARMAN signal processing and USB I/O connectivity. These mixing surfaces offer exceptional value and performance for podcasters, singer-songwriters and audio professionals who require small format mixing solutions.

Scott Wood, Mixers Solutions Manager, HARMAN Professional Solutions explains that Soundcraft Notepad mixers have a long history with musicians and audio professionals who need high-quality, small-format desktop mixing solutions. The new Notepad generation maintains that trusted history, while adding the legendary Lexicon signal processing and USB I/O connectivity, all at an entry-level price.

Key features of Soundcraft Notepad mixers include professional microphone preamps with excellent audio quality for a variety of uses; XLR combination jack mic/line inputs for easy connection with professional audio gear; 1/4" balanced inputs for connecting keyboards, playback devices and more; and USB I/O connectivity enabling easy recording and playback with digital audio workstations or video audio workstations.

Additionally, users of the Notepad-8FX and Notepad-12FX mixers can also enhance their audio using the renowned HARMAN Digital Signal Processing (DSP), including Lexicon reverbs, chorus and delay with tap tempo control.

Soundcraft Notepad mixers are designed for exceptional convenience and ease of use. Design highlights include a traditional channel strip layout providing fast and efficient access to desired channels and sends; up to three EQs per channel for simple audio shaping on incoming audio signals; an Aux/FX send making it easy to feed audio signals to external effects send or built-in Lexicon digital processing; a master fader with LED metering providing XLR stereo output level control; and a rotary headphone level providing simple control for master mix or aux output levels.

The HARMAN Professional Solutions range is available from Jands, a leading Australian distributor of sound, lighting and staging systems.

Image: Soundcraft Notepad-5 mixer