ETC Source Four Fresnel lighting fixtures were installed at the Gasworks Arts Park, a vibrant arts precinct producing a range of high-quality arts programs, workshops and activities for every age, ability, interest and audience.  

Housing four hectares of park, two theatres, three gallery spaces, a café as well as function and workshop spaces, the precinct is located in Albert Park, Melbourne on the site of the former South Melbourne Gas Plant, just three kilometres from the CBD.

According to Michele Domonkos, Operations & Human Resources Manager, the decision to purchase ETC Source Four Fresnels for the precinct’s theatres was driven by the need to introduce some uniformity in their lantern stock. The mixed bag of equipment consisted of a lot of mismatched fixtures, mostly well past their use-by date in addition to worn reflectors, old and broken lanterns as well as a collection of Strand, Selecon, Prolite and other fixtures.  

She wanted to replace the old equipment with lighting fixtures that were of good quality and also allowed them to have a uniform stock of globes. Since light output was also a priority for Michele, she needed to have all her fixtures of approximately the same age to achieve a reliable wash. Having worked with the Source Four Profile at other venues, she was impressed by their reliability, build quality, lamp life and beam quality.  

She got a test model of the Source Four Fresnel from her supplier, ASL Systems. The fixture was tested against a Strand Cantata and a couple of other fresnels, with the 750W Source Four Fresnel comparing favourably with the 1K fresnels.

ETC’s Source Four Fresnel delivers the high-performance light output and energy savings of a Source Four along with the lighting characteristics of a Fresnel optical system. This classic system has been combined with a special ETC dichroic reflector design, enabling the HPL 750W Source Four Fresnel to equal the light output of 1000W Fresnel fixtures.

Immediately after testing the Source Four Fresnel, Michele ordered 24 units from ASL Systems. Listing out the advantages, she says that the lighting fixtures are simple to use, reasonably compact and easy to focus. The globe can be simply replaced by taking the back out of the fixture without having to refocus the lamp afterwards.   

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