The new Chroma-Q Inspire Mini LED house light is a truly multipurpose lighting fixture designed for entertainment, theatrical and architectural applications.

Powerful and compact, the Inspire Mini complements the award-winning Inspire fixture and continues to utilise some of the innovative core technologies found in the popular Chroma-Q Color Force range. Featuring a wide 65-degree beam angle and a shorter housing designed for venues with low ceilings or balconies, the Chroma-Q Inspire Mini LED house light incorporates industry standard DMX-512 control to integrate seamlessly with any existing DMX infrastructure and can be controlled by any DMX supported lighting controller.

The Inspire Mini’s homogenised beam ensures an excellent selection of stunning mixed colours and 'true' whites with no unsightly colour separation shadows. Reduced maintenance and running costs are also assured with the Inspire Mini’s energy-efficient maximum current draw of 75w.

Chroma-Q Inspire Mini LED house lights combine their multipurpose lighting capabilities to seamlessly transform the look and feel of any performance venue, themed retail space or house of worship. Used in any context, the Inspire Mini provides designers with a tool to create environments that seamlessly transcend the physical barrier between the stage and audience through the creative use of light and colour, with effects ranging from a subtle shift in colour temperature, to bold and dynamic colour changes.

Key features of Chroma-Q Inspire Mini LED house lights include Chroma-Q ColorSure technology for enhanced consistency when using multiple fixtures; RGBW colour mixing providing a high CRI of 90 to achieve extremely accurate colour matching; DMX-512 control allowing seamless mapping of ceiling lighting, introducing gorgeous soft colour effects and warm amber looks to engage the room; extremely low power consumption of 75W for quicker ROI plus ongoing energy efficiency; adjustable frequency of 600 – 4,800Hz eliminating camera flicker and lens glare; and custom optical design providing a smooth, uniform output, matched by theatrical grade dimming.

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