Aurora Multimedia presents a new range of wall plates that can be customised with an assortment of laser-etched backlit buttons.

The DXB-8 eight-button panel is a single gang Decora wall plate from Aurora Multimedia and is available in black or white options. Featuring two RS232 outputs, the button panel mates with Aurora's new DXW-2 Series HDBaseT wall plates allowing RS232 control via HDBaseT to the display over a single cable.

The DXB-8 eight-button wall panel is a flexible, sleek and excellent addition to any control installation.

RS232 commands can be sent on press and release allowing four strings to be sent on a button press. If the button is set to toggle, two step button controls can be created, for example, mutes and on/off commands. One can also set repeat times for the button press commands for press and hold controls such as volume to be repeated.

Aurora Multimedia DXB-8 button panels can also be used in standalone operation with each button configurable with RS232 macros, press and hold ramping features, and user definable backlit buttons in Red, Green and Blue. With its 13mm depth, the 1-gang Decora button panel can easily be installed in the wall or table mounted.

The DXB-8 wall plate is configured via a user-friendly and intuitive PC application that allows a wall plate to be configured, and the set-up saved for later use or multiple panels.

The DXB-8 wall plate can be used in the simplest of projects as a standalone controller, or integrated with a DXW series wall plate and cabled direct to an HDBaseT Display, allowing control of the display and source selection from the button panel. In conjunction with the DXE-CAT-RX3-A, the DXB-8 gives complete room control with source selection, display and screen control as well as audio volume control through the DXE-CAT-RX3 embedded amplifier.

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