James Hardie Building Products presents Scyon Walls, an advanced cement composite cladding that opens up a world of design possibilities for Australian architects and designers.

An ideal building material that allows architects to embrace design freedom during planning and make the most of the Australian climate and way of life, Scyon Walls provide liberation from the need to build cave-like homes or use heavyweight masonry products.

Scyon’s Marketing Manager Christian Hansen explains that Scyon Walls cladding is made predominantly from cement, sand and wood pulp, resulting in a long-lasting, versatile building material that can be cut and nailed like timber cladding, but is also resistant to rot, termites, fire and moisture thanks to its cement content.

Used in a typical build, Scyon Walls enable quicker turnarounds with walls going up faster and the panels giving brace support to the frame. Scyon weatherboard and sheet products are manufactured in Australia and New Zealand and meet Australian standards. They are designed to resist shrinking, swelling and cracking, helping them hold paint longer to minimise ongoing maintenance.

Scyon Walls allow individual personality to shine through with clever use of styles and colour. By mixing and matching Scyon Walls, a wide variety of styles and moods can be created; the panels also help to maximise floor space in new builds and renovations by allowing the frame to be positioned at the outer edge of the footings.

Recommended for creating striking architectural features such as floating walls, overhangs, outdoor living areas and protective cantilevers, Scyon Walls come in four different styles with variations within each style.

Stria Cladding

Stria cladding brings versatility to external walls, creating dynamic and unique building facades that really stand out. Unique walls can be created by mixing profiles and colours, helping introduce interesting design features to the house. Choose from three profiles: splayed 250mm, standard 325mm and wide 405mm horizontal.

Linea Weatherboard

The smooth, deep profile Linea can be used to create a classic or modern look with all the charismatic features of weatherboard and without the heavy maintenance needed for timber. Linea is available in two widths – 150mm and 180mm.

Matrix Cladding System

A flat panel with a cosmetic 10mm express joint, Matrix cladding also has broad design possibilities from making a statement with a staggered joint layout or a geometric grid to creating an internal or external feature wall to highlight a home, or even as a primary building material to present a strong, industrial look.

Axon Cladding

Axon cladding can add sophisticated detail and diversity to a home. Measuring 1200mm wide with machined grooves resembling narrow and wide tongue and groove planks, Axon sheets create a strong visual impact, making a home appear higher by complementing classic and modern building designs. Choose from three different designs – Smooth 133mm, Wood Grained and Smooth 400mm.