Hamilton Island Resort attracts visitors from across the globe. It is a leading holiday and lifestyle residential community .

And for the staff of Hamilton Island it has just got even better. With the island growing at a phenomenal rate, additional staff accommodation was a necessity and was a component of a multi-million upgrade of the island.

One of Australia’s leading remote area specialist, Ricon Contractors was called upon for the project which included the construction of 128 units in four multi story buildings.

John Jenkins, Principal of Ricon Contractors said, “Being on an island in a remote location, the project presented unique challenges. The site was quite rugged and the island experiences tropical weather conditions so we needed to utilise a building system that was quick, easy and could stand up to the environment. The design of the building needed to be resource efficient and make the most of the limited space available.

“We chose Ritek Building Solutions to supply the products for the building because of the significant benefits it provided to the project. The Ritek product utilises less materials and is quicker to install than traditional building methods resulting in savings on transportation, cranage and clean up. Also, approximately 5% extra floor space was achieved through the design because the Ritek walls are thinner than traditional methods yet achieve the same structural and noise reduction results.

“Both Ricon Contractors and Hamilton Island are extremely pleased with the results. The look of the staff accommodation buildings is in perfect keeping with the resort feel of Hamilton Island and the staff have been provided with efficient, modern and liveable motel style accommodation.”

The Ritek XL Wall System is suitable for single and multi storey structures which are typically reinforced and concrete filled on site. Structural walls, lift shafts, party walls and stairwells can all be constructed using the all inclusive Ritek XL Wall System. Essentially the system can be used for all wall applications internally and externally.

Lindsay Cooper, installer of the Ritek System explained, “The majority of the project is built using Ritek products from the structural columns in the sub-basement to all the walls throughout the building including the bathrooms. The innovative composite stud and track system of the Ritek XL Wall creates strong, lightweight panels with safe areas for manual handling.

These panels are lighter than other conventional metal framed walls, are safer and easier to install and are durable and non-corrosive. This makes it perfect for use in remote areas and marine environments like Hamilton Island.”