Building Solutions Pty Ltd. commenced operations in Queensland in 1983 and spent its formative years developing building systems that were suitable for the cyclone prone marine environments of northern and coastal Australia. The company developed and fine-tuned its wall systems and infrastructure by supplying a large number of buildings throughout Queensland and in particular to the Queensland Government.

The unique problems experienced with construction in out of the way places were addressed by research and field studies which led to the development and implementation of an aluminium based wall system in 1987. The principle requirement of this process was to reduce the on site components to an absolute minimum and simplify the building process as much as possible.

While this product gained excellent market acceptance, the need for a more cost effective and flexible system, particularly when compared to traditional conventional building techniques led to the development of the patented Ritek building systems that the company is marketing and manufacturing today.

A range of wall systems suitable for single and multi storey structures was developed. These products are typically reinforced and concrete filled on site, thus combining the new Ritek manufactured technologies with the traditional building processes on site.

Response from the building industry has been excellent, as it is proving to be a viable, price competitive alternative to traditional concrete and masonry-based methods such as precast, block and brick veneer.

As a part of the Company's ongoing research and development, work on a new roof panel led to the registration of a new patented system in 1993. This product particularly addresses the traditional custom orb (corrugated) roofing market with either curved or flat panels offering architects and designers a wide variety of options for both commercial and domestic buildings.

Today, the Ritek product range means that the company is in a position to offer a range of systems over most applications in the building industry which, when finished, are completely conventional in appearance and offer additional benefits such as speed, quality and floor space savings.

A complete package of technical support data and documentation, along with extensive technical and installation manuals is available to support the Ritek concept.