Australia’s first two Tadano hydraulic truck cranes, sporting new 2.5 tonne extendable work platforms, have settled into work at Hanchard Crane Hire. Delivered by Australian crane retailers, James Equipment , the new Tadano AT-250S machines offer a working platform that is capable of lifting 2.5 tonnes up to a maximum working height of 30 metres.

When packed neatly on top of a crane carrier, the standard work platform measures 1.8m wide and 3.4m long. When more space is needed, the platform can be unfolded to create a larger working area 3.4m wide. This can be rotated 360 degrees and tilted for greater access through remote hydraulic controls on the platform.

The new Tadano AT-250S is suitable for a range of applications where height and access are an obstacle. Removing the need for fixed height working platforms, the new Tadano has already found favour with power line construction and multi-story development projects.

According to Mike Hanchard, Director of Hanchard Crane Hire, he first saw the new Tadano work platform cranes in Japan and knew their versatility would suit the Australian market. Hanchard Crane Hire have the first two platform cranes operating in Australia. These cranes have already done a considerable amount of work on the Brisbane International Airport expansion with Bovis Lend Lease and a number of electrical and telecommunications projects.

Hutchinson Builders are also taking advantage of the new Tadano AT-250S. Based at the Fortitude Valley Urban Expansion project, these new cranes were able to place both the workers and their materials up under the eaves of the properties by tilting the work platform into places no other machine could reach.

The new Tadano AT-250S is built on a Nissan diesel carrier with full hydraulic H-type outriggers. The boom elevates from -5.5° to 79° in 100 seconds, while a Nissan RG8 8 cylinder diesel powers the near 30 tonne carrier to a top speed of 70kph.

Establishing a solid reputation over 15 years, James Equipment have a broad knowledge base of crane engineering and a large network of international suppliers. Serving the crane industry with locations right across Australia, James Equipment also provide a range of used cranes in stock from international manufacturers including Demag, Kato, Liebherr, and Kobelco.