ISM Objects Director Celina Clarke says the future of lighting is LED, considering the increasing preference for LED lamps in the marketplace.

According to the leading industrial designer and Melbourne-based lighting manufacturer, several factors are driving the trend in both commercial and residential applications including improvements in technology over recent times; lower LED cost, increased media exposure and awareness about LED technology; and regulatory requirements for the use of low energy lighting options.

Celina Clarke observes that architects and designers have been early adopters of LED technology. However, ISM Objects consumers are also showing interest in learning more about LED technology as well as adopting it.

Key benefits of LED technology include promise of energy efficiency while maintaining a high level of light output; exceedingly long lamp life in excess of 35,000 hours; dimmable and colour changing options for different moods; cool or warm white lamp options; high colour rendering index enabling objects to appear in true colour; and ability to retrofit LED lamps into existing traditional lamp holders.

ISM Objects now offers an extensive collection of light fittings featuring LED retrofit lamps in addition to re-engineering several designs to integrate LED lamps. Simon Christopher, fellow ISM Objects director and lighting designer explains that the process of converting a traditional lamp to ‘integrated LEDs’ involves redesigning the lamp source and running them as true LED fittings with electronic control gear.

Light fittings from ISM Objects’ core commercial lighting range featuring LED technology include stable icons such as Boss, Bossy, Clinker, Drum, Dr. Doctor, GX and Metallica. ISM Objects’ comprehensive LED collection of contemporary fittings creates a unique ambience in hotels, hospitals, cafes, offices and residential interiors.

5 reasons to love LED lamps

According to Christopher, LED lamps offer great functional, aesthetic and economic benefits in any application environment. LEDs combine excellent light output equivalent to or greater than traditional lamps, with the energy saving advantages of LED. Long lifespan is a major benefit of LED lamps. The promise of a 50,000-hour lamp life (the equivalent of 5.7 years of constant usage for an LED) is about the longest lamp life that manufacturers can safely claim. LEDs cost a bit extra, so it’s definitely wise to check for guarantees as a sign of manufacturing and lamp quality. LED lamp fittings manufactured by ISM Objects carry a 5-year warranty.

LEDs used by ISM Objects have a high colour-rendering index (CRI), ensuring all materials and colours appear true to their natural state. This is critical for the presentation of food, quality furnishings and fabrics or items to be photographed and filmed.

LEDs also provide a choice of warmer or cooler whites to suit the environment. For instance, morning people are likely to function at their best with cooler lamp colours while afternoon people are likely to bond more with warm colour lamps. While warm lamps help create a relaxed environment, cool lamps tend to increase responsiveness and alertness.

LEDs also allow the desired mood and ambience to be created in any space. LED lamps from ISM Objects are dimmable, allowing lighting levels to be controlled to create the desired ambience. ISM Objects designers can offer a choice of dimming options from simple switch dimmers to sophisticated commercial and home automation systems.