iPAVE offers a number of alternatives to the concrete or brick paver of the past.

Australian made iPAVE pavers and copers are natural in their appearance. iPAVE pavers and copers have the look of natural stones, with a textured surface that blend beautifully into the landscape while providing a strong, durable and non-slip paving surface.

iPAVE pavers and tiles are available in ten attractive colours, or can be made or matched to an own special colour.

While natural in their appearance, they have all the benefits of man-made pavers too, uniform size, thickness and strength, which makes for easy handling.

The pavers can be simply laid on a base of crushed rock and sand, so it can be confidently tackle by a layman, or have them expertly installed by a professional.

A wider choice is now available to meet paving needs. iPAVE selection centres and mobile showrooms can show you its range of styles, colours and surface textures.

Ideal for:

  • Pool surrounds and coping
  • Driveways and parking areas
  • Walkways, verandas and steps
  • Commercial flooring
  • BBQ and entertainment areas
  • Patios, pergolas and courtyards
  • Indoor living and games rooms
  • Domestic and commercial use

iPAVE makes a number of different paver styles to suit everyone's taste, with over 10 different styles and textures to choose from there's sure to be a paver that captures imagination.

Individual paver accessories are available, unique borders, pool coping and step tread nosing, all can be discussed with your paver consultant or by phoning us direct.

iPAVE consultants can advice on the application, laying, cleaning and sealing.