The Harold Park Hotel has opened its doors once again with a new modern look.

Interspace  has added its touch of class throughout the building. From balustrade to furniture - Interspace shows why their manufacturing is top quality.

New custom products were designed to suit the site and help keep the site versatile.

You will find remarkable stainless steel details throughout the building. Interspace has brought a modern touch of class to this historic elegant building.

From minor details like door hardware to signage - to the major visual objects like furniture and balustrades with due to Interspace’s renowned quality and design one can appreciate the great character that this site has.

Interspace’s Balustrade Systems add elegance and style without obstructing the view of the surrounding environment. With its remarkable simplistic style and original details, Interspace’s glass Balustrade will add the final touch to the look of your architectural, commercial or residential area.

The finished product gives an appealing, unobstructed look to your environment, including all the renowned benefits of Stainless Steel and our high level of manufacturing experience.

Interspace Balustrades are manufactured from high quality Stainless Steel and can be finished off with:

  • Toughened Glass - Glass panels provide wind protection while retaining views
  • Stainless Steel Wire Mesh - Strong and durable, with an original look and beautifully crafted design
  • Rod or Wire - Simple and aesthetically pleasing balustrade, which allows unimpaired views from balconies, walkways, staircases and platforms whilst adding class to your environment

The Max Frameless Balustrade is a new addition to the Balustrade product range. View its specifications in Interspace’s balustrade technical drawing section.

Do it yourself kits are now available on all new Interspace Balustrade Systems, or Interspace can help you design a system to suit your specific environment.

All Interspace Systems conform with Australian Standards and Building Code Regulations. Interspace products are 100% Australian Made in its design and manufacturing set-up in Sydney.